Data Strategy Online August 2009

Pay-as-you-go CRM launched into mid-market

A new subscription service supporting customer management has been introduced to the UK mid-market. Star, a provider of on-demand computing and communication services, is making its CRM solution available as an on-demand service with no upfront investment or legacy integration. Starting price for the service is £19.99 per user per month (based on 251-plus users), […]

Content marketer partners for data quality

A dynamic content marketing specialist is working with two data analysts to improve its clients data capabilities and direct marketing performance. Lorien Unique has tied up with Blue Sheep and Cyance in a move that reflects the increasing role of data in one-to-one communications. The partnership involves data quality audits which have been developed by […]

Toy retailer gets smart with marketing

One of the UK’s largest toy retailers is to integrate its online and offline marketing using a marketing automation solution. The Entertainer operates 47 high street stores and the websites and It is deploying SmartMarketer from SmartFocus as part of its integration initiative. Central to the deployment will be segmentation and targeting of […]

What price customer retention?

Pricing is one of the most sophisticated uses of data in many organisations – and also one of the most closely-guarded secrets. Organisations can achieve significant competitive advantage if they get their pricing models right. They can also lose a lot of money if their price positioning is out of line with the market. That […]

Right buyer, right now

Data buyers want the best leads at the best price and fast. Some data owners are happy to oblige. But as David Reed finds out, low price tends to drive out high quality. So how will the lead generation industry deal with the problem?

Walksorting the dead

Cutting data hygiene measures seems like an obvious way to save money in a recession. But suppression is not just an overhead, it also drives positive dimensions of a company’s marketing.

Jon Leigh – What’s your plan B?

Without an effective disaster recovery strategy, businesses utilising Software as a Service (SaaS) technology could be seriously damaged as a result of providers becoming bankrupt during the recession. So, what’s your plan B? The likelihood is you haven’t got one. SaaS offers companies a raft of cost and time saving benefits – minimising resources necessary […]

Four dimensions of data quality

Four dimensions of data quality Your recent Data Analytics Survey (Data Strategy, June), found that nearly four in ten organisations do not have data quality programmes in place. This is not surprising. Many organisations now undertake data quality initiatives, but a much smaller number have a sophisticated approach to data management. Data governance initiatives and […]

CRM is a third party word

Although there is much justified excitement related to new digital and mobile touchpoints, the volume of data that can be collected is very intimidating. Managing it in-house requires an important investment in technology and staff. Investing in data analysis is all well and good, but frequently the volume of data often makes it difficult for […]

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