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Navigating the minefield of online privacy laws

For too long, confusion has shrouded the online privacy laws. Consumers are concerned about the risks of behavioural advertising and online behavioural tracking and unclear of any potential benefits, with a number of unscrupulous online practitioners fuelling this worry.

Six out of ten companies lack data quality strategies

Despite claiming to have high quality levels in their international data, six out of ten companies do not have a data quality management strategy in place, a new survey has found. According to a report, “Data Quality: Reality and Rhetoric”, commissioned by Capscan, 57.7 per cent of organisations say their data is either excellent or good quality. This is up nearly 6 per cent from the same research carried out in 2008.

Ready to ride the milk round?

This week’s exam results are good news for the marketing industry. Behind the headlines about the growing pass rate there is a hidden trend that could yield a really important human resource for this industry. Mathematics, long a subject experiencing a decline in graduate numbers, has seen a surge in both GCSE passes and higher education applications.

Online retailers leaving credit card data at risk

Only nine per cent of Level One retailers (handling more than six million transactions a year) are compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. But online retailers of all sizes increasingly see compliance as the key to their business success and competitive advantage.

Surrey CCC on strike with email

Surrey County Cricket Club has become the first team in the sport to adopt marketing automation technology for its communications activity. It is implementing the Informa email platform from Alchemetrics for all of its marketing emails and newsletters to customers and prospects.

Why marketing analysts are on the level

Ever been denounced on public radio for your interpretation of data? Unlikely if you are an analyst giving the marketing department some insights into customers or prospects. So just be glad that you do not work in politics or public sector policy where almost any interpretation you make of data could be met with outpourings of abuse.

Ride the online shopping wave

The recession-resilient e-retail sector in the UK is booming and is expected to double over the next ten years. But despite this, online average conversion rates are down compared to the same time last year, indicating a disconnect between marketing strategies and consumer wants.

Other fraud solutions are available, says CIFAS

Credit reference agencies are not the only way for the government to tackle benefit fraud and they may even be intrusive, the not-for-profit fraud prevention service CIFAS has warned. Responding to the Prime Minister’s announcement that commercial data services providers, such as credit reference agencies, will be used to crack down on the £5.2 billion benefit and tax credit fraud problem, the service has called for ministers to look at all options.

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