Data Strategy Online December

Data know-how is the start of customer trust

In Hollywood there is a saying – show, not tell. It means a film should develop its plots and characters by what they do, rather than what they say. Marketers would do well to learn from the maxim if new research is anything to go by. The more brands demonstrate through their actions that they […]

Everest’s innovations lets consumers drive strategy

Home improvement company Everest has revamped its digital marketing strategy based entirely on user behaviour. The brand used online analytics to understand how visitors arrived at its website, what products they looked at and how they enquired and converted over a six-month period. As a result, Everest has optimised its website to provide users a […]

Candy Nails personalises beauty store


Newly-launched online beauty store, Candy Nails, is using registered visitor data to generate relevant content at each visit. As part of its “try before you buy” proposition, it is providing personalised product demonstrations to customers. Having registered with the site, consumers are served with fresh content each time they return. A bespoke content management system […]

Data security awareness crashes to a four-year low

Levels of awareness of the eight core obligations brand owners face when processing personal information have fallen to a four-year low, according to research commissioned by the Information Commissioner’s Office. Although 48% of the 401 private companies surveyed knew they had to keep personal data secure, this is down from 64% in 2007. When asked […]

Precise Mortgages to target ‘locked out’ borrowers


Precise Mortgages has launched a range of mortgages that it claims will “help borrowers who have been locked out” of the market. Targeting people such as the self-employed and those with blemishes on their credit records, it will use data-driven models based on affordability. The first set of loans is being distributed through independent financial […]

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