Data Strategy Online February 2010

How the dots are being connected behind our backs

Most of my working life to date has been preoccupied with trying to understand why consumers have done what they did, and to attempt to shed light on what they will do next. This has always been difficult because the market research data available has generally been sparse, rather out of date and sometimes horribly […]

360-Degree view without going blind

It is easy to be convinced that marketing needs to see every piece of data about a customer in its database. As David Reed finds out, the single marketing view should be about what works and delivers value, not what IT thinks is appropriate..

Holding on, not looking for more?

Data was the must-have skills set at the start of last year. As the recession deepened, however, even these darlings of the business world faced pay cuts and job losses. David Reed finds out what the prospects are in this sector as the recovery starts.

Time to pull the trigger

Time may be relative, but when it comes to marketing propositions it is one-dimensional – your offer either hits at the right time or it does not. Consumers tend to be in-market at specific moments, depending on the buying cycle for a product or service – weekly grocery shop, annual insurance renewal and so on.

Five key principles for a new decade of data

Tried and trusted methods of customer insight are all well and good. But the pace of change in modern consumerism demands that data consultancies constantly review their processes to keep track of what the customer wants and when.

Short-termism can build long-term churn

I think most marketers will have been nodding their heads at the points raised in “ROI is Good. But is ROC Better?” last month. However, the truth is that for many organisations 18 months of recession have given rise to an attitude of short-termism. Pressures to deliver rapid ROI can quickly create a situation where […]

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