Data Strategy Online July

Database goes into space

Data users wanting to analyse geospatial data within the same database as transactional and business information can now do so following a partnership between Teradata and ESRI. Advanced analytics to yield geospatial intelligence, such as drivetimes, can be carried out as part of the same process being used to identify which are the best shopper segments by store, for example.

Velux doubles online leads

Building materials and home improvement brand Velux has achieved a doubling of its online lead generation through the introduction of an online proximity search tool. The company has implemented Web Nearest to provide an enhanced user experience and lead generation via its website.

The Guardian outsources CRM

The Guardian Newspaper has outsourced its direct delivery subscription services for both online and offline customers. Callcredit Information Group has been appointed to build and host a direct customer database and will also support all subscription-related contact through its interaction centre. The marketing services provider already handles similar services for a number of other media owners, including News International.

Christmas is coming – fatten your database

25/12 trumps 24/7. Or to put it another way, seasonality is a bigger influence on your business performance than ensuring your e-commerce site is available around the clock. And right now is when marketers need to start planning for the season that can account for between 40 and 80 per cent of sales in some sectors.

Ready for your Autumn suppression report?


There’s an air of post election melancholy about the place which, considering the severity of the recession we’ve just emerged from, is probably no bad thing. This slightly sombre and restrained mood gives us the opportunity to reflect upon issues closer to home that will undoubtedly have taken a back seat in our psyche while […]

NHBC builds SCV

National House Building Council is creating a single customer view of the registered homeowners, house builders and housing plots on its books. As part of the process, it is introducing a data quality solution from Harte-Hanks Trillium Software.

Autoglass to understand customer journey better

Autoglass will gain a better understanding of its customer and prospects following the decision by parent company Belron to deploy a new online customer insight solution globally. Belron, the world’s largest vehicle glass repair and replacement company, is rolling out Speed-Trap across its 28 e-commerce business units worldwide.

Freemans Grattan spreads risk from marketing

FGH, part of the world’s largest mail order company Otto Group, is expanding its use of KXEN analytics to bad debt propensity scoring. It is forecasting a reduction in bad debt of up to a third as a result. “We’d used KXEN successfully in marketing for three years and saw no reason to consider a […]

In hospital. Lovely nurses. Got MRSA. LOL!

An avalanche of health data is about to hit the NHS if the Government’s reforms are followed through. In place of productivity-focused measurement of how many patients and procedures hospitals and surgeons carry out, the emphasis will be on how successful those treatments were. Customer satisfaction will become a key part of how patients and their GPs assess where to go.

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