Data Strategy Online June

Is direct mail dead?

Every so often, the question is posed: is direct mail finally dead? Has the plethora of digital and social networks now available to consumers and businesses at the flick of a switch contrived to put the final nails in its coffin?

Scientia flags consumers who won’t pay up

Consumers who buy products and services with no intention of paying for them have been flagged across the transactional and lifestyle databases Active and DeActive held by Scientia Data. Following a partnership with Fraudscreen, the payment intent company, more than 24 million active buyers can be segmented according to their likelihood of paying their bills.

Charity mail on the wrong frequency

Complaints about direct mail have topped the list of issues with charity marketing raised by consumers. The Fundraising Standards Board, which requires members to monitor all complaints alongside their marketing volumes, recorded 5,081 complaints against members’ direct mailings, up from 3,608 in 2008.

Marketing’s forgotten family member

There is a marketing channel which has consistently shown it can deliver a positive return on investment. It can be targeted down to individual level and is highly accountable. Yet two out of three major companies are not using it.

Focus on the value-add, automate the rest

As consumers we have embraced the multi-channel marketplace. We are able to do so because retailers have led the charge in exploiting sales opportunities including catalogue, DRTV, online to accompany the traditional High Street.

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