Data Strategy Online March 2010

A new chapter for the DMA

There comes a point in the course of your career when you realise it’s time to do something new. I don’t just mean finding a new job, but a finding a whole new vocation.

ICO acts on unsolicited security calls

SAS Fire Security Systems and Direct Response Security Systems have been served enforcement notices by the Information Commissioner’s Office. Both companies breached the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations by making unsolicited marketing calls without an opt-in.

Continental centralises global documents

The world’s fourth largest tyre manufacturer, Continental, is standardising its document print and faxing into a single solution. HP Exstream has been given an extended contract, building on an existing relationship that delivers customer communications and document management services.

If it doesn’t hurt, it won’t work

Bad data practice now has a very high cost – as much as £2 million. In the latest stage in a bidding war by regulators, the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills announced on Monday that companies who continue to make silent calls could face dramatically higher fines.

Hard times bring suppression to the fore

I think I can safely say that the last 12 to 18 months have been difficult for most businesses. At the beginning of the downturn, SPA members were largely optimistic about the future and not without good reason – it’s entirely logical to surmise that suppression would boom in a downturn. 

Political parties warned to respect privacy

With the general election expected to be announced within a month, the Information Commissioner has warned political parties and candidates to ensure they respect rules on data privacy. He put politicians on notice having recently found against the Labour Party for failing to screen telemarketing lists against the Telephone Preference Service.

SMEs pumping up sales and marketing efforts

Small busineses are pumping money into their sales and marketing and expect to see a positive reward during 2010. According to research carried out by Forum of Private Business, increasd marketing, hiring extra sales staff and improving the website are at the heart of efforts to pull out of the recession.

Privacy can not be counted

Ever since the publication last week by the ICO of its “Privacy Dividend” report, I have been having discussions with data professionals about what impact it will have. Just as asking two lawyers will give you three different opinions, so many in the data industry can not look at a piece of good work without finding something bad about it.

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