Data Strategy Online May

Note to self: I must get out more!

Last Thursday I spent the day at the top of Milbank Tower in London at the 7th Annual IDM B2B Conference; the week before a day at Cranfield University’s annual Business Growth Conference. Both were excellent events. 

Royal Mail gives USS the brush-off

Royal Mail is replacing its Universal Suppression Service with a new product aimed at being more flexible and responsive. NCOA Suppress enhances the National Change of Address file as a one-stop suppression and data cleansing service. Using verified Redirection data exclusively, it offers users daily and weekly updates of PAF-cleaned changes.

Daisy Group signed as B2Group launch partner

Integrated voice and data provider Daisy Group has signed a sector-exclusive deal for lead generation from B2Group’s national business census. It is the first fully-contracted partner for the B2B lead and customer creation business, which is rolling out the SME Census as a continuous telephone survey of three million small and medium-sized businesses in the UK.

Proof of identity does not look good on paper

In a welcome early delivery against election campaign promises, identity cards are to be scrapped today, along with the new generation of biometric passports. ID cards collapsed under the dual burden of failing to provide any additional policing or national security benefits and being a costly vanity project in an era of austerity.

Face the fear and measure it anyway

If ROI is your most important objective – and let’s face it, if it isn’t, you will not have a job for much longer – then it stands to reason you will want to be able to prove it. So why does the area of marketing measurement continue to be one of the most challenging aspects of this industry?

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