Data Strategy Online November 2009

Why aren’t more companies suppressing their emails?


By Guy Hanson, business development director, Database Group Interactive and member of the DMA Email Marketing Council. A lot of focus is placed on suppression files created for the direct mail and tele-marketing industries.  But despite the fact that email marketing now forms a key component of most marketers’ strategies, the use of suppression is […]

New digital marketing service lifts insurance conversion 15 per cent

A Dutch insurance company has uplifted online conversion rates by 15 per cent through a newly-launched digital marketing solution. FBTO has deployed Magiq Smart and Magiq Prospect across its car, home and health insurance products. Magiq was launched last week to provide a suite of pay-as-you-go, on-demand online services under chief executive Malcolm Duckett, formerly […]

Poor data p*sses off consumers

A new survey has found that 88 per cent of UK consumers would change their attitude towards a company if mailed using incorrect contact data. In research carried out by Callcredit Information Group Marketing Solutions, poor data management by brands clearly alienates consumers at the point where the company is trying to engage them. It […]

Holiday group extends business intelligence services

A major travel group has renewed its existing e-commerce analytics and business intelligence services contract and expanded it group-wide. Thomas Cook Group is rolling Site Intelligence across key brands including Neilson Holidays, Fly Thomas Cook and Gold Medal. The deal will see Site Intelligence providing web analytics and reporting alongside performance management reporting to each […]

Google’s got privacy

With the launch of Google Dashboard, the argument about online privacy and behaviourally-targeted advertising has entered a new phase. As the dominant provider of search, but with a total reliance on ads for its revenue base, deciding to give greater transparency to cookies and controls is a bold move. Dashboard may not offer anything new, […]

Online gambling group deploys analytical database

A leading gambling group has introduced a new analytical database to drive intelligence about its business. Bet365 implemented the 10TB WX2 analytical database from Kognitio into its existing data centre without needing to acquire additional proprietary hardware, thereby achieving “speed to value” in just three months.

Personalised travel email drives 30 per cent uplift

Targeted customer acquisition email activity during the consideration phase for a holiday company has driven response upwards by more than 30 per cent. Thomson, part of TUI UK, has worked with CreatorMail to respond to customer behaviour during their holiday selection process with intelligent and engaging information.

T-Mobile data thieves will not face jail

The theft of contract customer data from mobile network provider T-Mobile has highlighted the commercial value of data on the black market. But the alleged perpetrators will not be sent to jail. In making the case public, the Information Commissioner Christopher Graham was putting increased pressure on the Ministry of Justice to change the law to impose prison sentences on those who contravene Section 55 of the Data Protection Act.

Timing is everything in data, as in politics

T-Mobile must be the most embarrassed data controller in the UK right now – and the most surprised. The mobile phone company has suggested that employees allegedly sold on contract renewal data for its own customers which were then bought and used for outbound calling. It had voluntarily notified the Information Commissioner’s Office of the data security breach, which is where the surprise comes in.

Govt accepts delete-by deadline. Do you?

The Home Office has announced that it will delete the DNA records of people who have not been charged with any offence after six years. That is a triumph for civil liberties and goes to show that even in the sensitive world of policing and national security, privacy rights can not be over-ridden.

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