Data Strategy Online September

Page & Moy migrates database and marketing tools

Page & Moy Travel Group is creating a new marketing database and implementing campaign management software across its Travelsphere, Page & Moy and Just You brands. SmartFocus is providing the marketing solution with the goal of increasing customer insight and better marketing performance for the company.

Now you see them, now you don’t

You know you have got customers because their money shows up in your accounting systems. You can see them when they visit the website and log-in. Then suddenly, they are gone – invisible to your marketing function and customer insight teams. What happened? They may have gone to a shop to buy your product, or maybe they phoned your call centre.

Keeping within an appropriate limit


Data quality is a major issue for marketing, but it should also be thought about by the whole business. David Reed finds out how brands are looking to a new generation of tools to help them fix the broken processes that create data errors in the first place.

Locked in or locked on?


Providing data to gain access to products and services is often essential, rather than voluntary. Even so, brands need to be aware of how the way they ask for information – and the depth of the data collected – can impact on trust, says David Reed.

Car insurers set up speed trap to catch online customers


Dutch insurance company FBTO was founded in 1956 and is part of the financial services company Achmea, the largest insurance group in the Netherlands. It has been using customer insight software from Speed-Trap since 2006 to fine-tune online marketing strategies based upon the motivations and reactions of its site visitors. FBTO now converts hundreds of […]

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