Design Essays November 2013

Does your brand look good naked?


Stripping away the graphics, sometimes it’s hard to distinguish a brand from its competitors. That’s where structural packaging comes in, writes Heidi Maxwell, managing director of Touch Design.

A future view of packaging


Given the costs involved, it’s vital that changes in packaging stand the test of time. For marketers, three long-term trends stand out, writes Nick Dormon, managing director of Echo. 

Back to reality


The most valuable insights come from actions, not words, says Matt Michaud, global provocation director for insight and innovation at Elmwood

Designing by numbers


DCA head of research Dan Jenkins discusses how tools from the field of ergonomics can provide an evidence-based approach to design – not only to design better products, but also to help sell them

Cooking up a storm


Jenna Cusworth-Bolger, head of user research at Seymourpowell, looks at how designers are changing the way we eat.

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