Digital Strategy 20 September

The digital path to purchase


As new research shows mobile devices and social media becoming more dominant in search strategies, it is critical that marketers have the budgets to keep up to date with developments in search technology.

Connecting to retail’s future


Free Wi-Fi in-store allowing consumers to check rival prices while looking at physical products is not without its risks. However, it allows stores to drive sales by collecting data and sending targeted messages to customers.

Bringing a brand to life


Social video can be a cost-effective route to building relationships and conversations with consumers locally and internationally – but the content and concept must be clever and relevant, finds Steve Hemsley.

Reasons to be appy…


An effective app can enhance a business in a variety of ways but with so many available, brands must ensure that their creations are popular and that they keep customers engaged.

Delivering digital marketing success


Neil MorganSenior marketing directorDigital Marketing Business Unit, Adobe People today can interact with businesses across multiple channels and devices. Businesses have to figure out how to best attract, engage and retain these customers in a world where the reach and quality of experiences directly impact success. They need to effectively deliver the right online experience […]

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