Digital Strategy Supplement - January 2011

Digital habitat suits WWF-UK


In the latest of our in-depth looks at companies’ digital strategies, WWF-UK’s head of online, Adrian Cockle, tells Nicola Smith how its integration of online and offline work is reaping rewards in every part of the organisation.

Mapping value across the customer journey


More and more brands are using attribution modelling to find out the true value of every stage of a customer’s purchase journey. But as the picture gets clearer, new challenges are emerging – such as how to split the money fairly.

Accelerating effect of technology is real

Back in the late 1990s, people talked a lot about ’internet time’. The idea was that, just as one dog year is supposedly equivalent to seven human years, time passed more quickly in the online world. Like the dotcom boom’s ubiquitous put-down about people ’not getting it’, internet time was at least partly self-aggrandisement on […]

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