Digital Strategy Supplement - July 2011

The future of search is in your hands


It’s currently cheaper, highly targeted, delivers results quicker and is taking over the world: how many more reasons do businesses need to mobilise their search offering?

Survival of the fittest


Traditional online ad networks are under increasing pressure and need to evolve to stay alive. Five industry specialists discuss the issues.

Channelling the energy online


A rethink of its whole attitude towards online has transformed VIMN’s TV brands, including MTV, into cutting-edge, social-media-savvy exponents of the art of digital marketing.

The on-off romance blossoms


After a stuttering start, online and offline marketing are finally beginning to speak the same language, and the relationship is blooming.

Harnessing the power of social advertising


Sponsored feature Forward by Jonathon Beeston, global marketing director, Efficient Frontier Performance-based marketing – search, advertising, direct marketing, and now social marketing – used to work within reasonably clear boundaries. Good marketers would link them by creating unified messages, sharing insight from each discipline, and even getting all the various agencies round the table to […]

He who shares, wins

When dealing with those marketers still sceptical about the power and importance of social media, one of the easiest ways to explain its value is to talk about word-of-mouth. The idea that social media is, at least in part, the everyday conversations about the products and services people use writ large has become commonplace, and […]

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