Digital Strategy Supplement - March 2011

Directing the online traffic


Since Kia Motors embraced online marketing, brand interest and sales have rocketed, and it’s so successful the company is now thinking the unthinkable – dropping TV campaigns altogether, discovers Nicola Smith.

Pick’n’mix or one-stop-shop?


The process of selecting an agency has become much more complex since the rise of digital, with its demand for new and niche skills, and there are pros and cons to sticking with the lead agency model or spreading your roster among a group of specialists.

The mobile market: right here, right now


Sponsored Feature: Ian Carrington Director of mobile advertising at Northern and Central Europe, Google. What’s in your pocket or handbag at this very minute? Chances are the inventory includes at least one mobile phone. Ask just about anyone that question and you’ll probably get exactly the same answer.

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