Digital Strategy Supplement - May 2011

Are you shopping comfortably?


A fancy web offering is no use if customers drop out before they check out. Getting the online journey right is crucial, and new web analytics are helping brands do just that.

Upwardly mobile marketing

When planning a mobile strategy, the results of the Mobile Marketing Attitudes Research Survey are essential reading.

From page to screen


With sales of its ebooks up 182%, publisher Penguin is seizing the opportunity to create a digital shop window that uses online communities and visual search to connect readers with its titles.

The dawn of the age of the customer

Over the years, plenty of companies have claimed to put the customer first. A much more interesting statistic would be how many have actually done so; how many managed to really live the values enshrined in the mantra “the customer is always right”.

Cutting through the hype


Digital marketing is in a constant state of flux; the next wave of techniques and technologies appear before you’ve even had time to evaluate the last. So, to help you keep your strategy out in front, we’ve asked new media age’s experts in display, mobile, search and social media to cutthrough the jargon and pick out the crucial developments for success…

Smart ways to attract smartphone shoppers


Sponsored feature: As mobile technology continues to accelerate, phones are quickly becoming indispensable shopping tools. Our research shows 45% of private (as opposed to business) smartphone owners in the UK use their phone as part of the shopping process, whether that’s researching a product or comparing prices. Twenty-eight per cent of those users have actually made a purchase on their phone, 52% of these within the past month, explains Ian Carrington, mobile advertising sales director, Google.

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