Digital Strategy Supplement - November 2010

Michael nutley social media is changing everything

If there’s one thing that emerges from this edition of Marketing Week’s Digital Strategy supplement, it’s the increasing impact of social media on every aspect of digital marketing. Whether it’s NFL UK using fan feedback to shape its broadcast output, multinational 3M working with a car detailing blogger to promote its latest car care range, […]

Brand-builders look to online space for growth


The rise of social media and online video is transforming the way marketers think about online brand building, says Michael Nutley, who finds out how the fledgling channels are being integrated into the marketing mix

‘I want to rewire 3m for the future’


Our new Strategic Play series will take an in-depth look at companies’ digital strategies. To kick off, Maeve Hosea talks to 3M’s e-hub chief James Simpson about how he has transformed the multinational’s approach

Are you making the most from mobile?


The pressure is on for marketers to integratemobile into their online strategies, says Ronan Shields, who looks at how four retailers have brought their brands onto our handsets

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