Digital Strategy Supplement - November 2011

Learning to handle a new breed of ads


Five marketers discuss getting the best from online display, the innovations that are helping to perfect its use and whether talk of it overtaking search are greatly exaggerated.

The brand as broadcaster


It is no longer just broadcasters creating online video content, and there are increasing opportunities for advertisers to engage consumers in the space.

Sharing data among friends


The social graph is an evolution of retargeting, offering brands the ability to target customers via their social activity online as well as that of their friends.

Making sense of all that traffic


Improved analytics tools can let brands really dig deep into data on the people visiting their sites and help them tailor activity to reach the most fruitful consumers.

Making the digital connection


Setting its brand apart with an experiential story, French Connection is proving that its quirky values can successfully migrate online to unlock valuable revenue streams.

The rise of the mobile pioneers


As smartphone and tablet penetration extends further than ever before, brands are moving into new territory by taking learning digital with engaging, educational apps.

Make your brand mobile friendly


Ian Carrington, Google mobile advertising sales director Giving consumers the best possible experience on their mobile device is critically important. A poor mobile web experience can negatively shape a consumer’s opinion of your brand and make it hard for them to engage or make a purchase. A recent study asked users about the performance of […]

There’s no excuse for being digital wallpaper


The central lesson to be learnt from this month’s Digital Strategy supplement is the need to make your online display budget work harder. This month’s edition is packed full of inspiring case studies and hard data demonstrating the impact online display advertising can have on your business. The immediately quantifiable nature of digital disciplines like […]

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