MW 6 JUNE 2013

Marketers could do more to create engaging anti-alcohol abuse messages

Branwell Johnson

Imagine a scenario where all alcohol advertising and promotion is banned – removed from outdoor, print, cinema and digital media, as well as television. Where even retail outlets cannot display point of sale and as for pub promotions – forget it. Sport sponsorship? It’s a no-go. In such an environment, how could brands possibly create loyalty and encourage the take-up of new products and variants among consumers? 

The analyst’s view: BlackBerry

Also in this story: Profile: Frank Boulben, chief marketing officer, BlackBerry Q&A: Frank Boulben’s response to criticism about BlackBerry and what he thinks are the brand’s strengths Samuel GeeTechnology analystMintel BlackBerry’s over-reliance on corporate clients led the firm to misjudge the importance of advances made in smartphone operating systems, which were designed mainly for consumers. As […]

CEO supremo Lafley is back, P&G will be too

Mark Ritson

Nothing makes a marketing professor more upset than deleting cherished PowerPoint slides because the content has become outdated. So you can imagine how sad I was when AG Lafley stood down after 10 years as P&G’s chief executive in 2010. A professorial treasure trove of quotes, case studies and videos of the man was rendered unusable overnight.

BlackBerry: Hoping to bear fruit


Once the leader of the mobile market, BlackBerry’s failure to change with consumer demand saw it lose its dominance. Now it is back with a new strategic plan and a leadership team that believes the company can return to the top.

The biggest obstacle to my brand’s success is internal politics

Secret Marketer

Like many of you, I regularly get approached by marketing agencies and management consultancies with insights such as ‘we know that understanding your customer is your biggest challenge’ or ‘we appreciate that failing to keep pace of what your competitors are doing is causing you sleepless nights’. 

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