PR Strategy May 2012

More than climate change


The many definitions of sustainability make the concept hard to communicate effectively. David Burrows talks to seven industry experts about how they help their teams and stakeholders understand the complex issues involved.

The innovation revolution


As PR leaders increasingly have to do more with less, a new era of creativity is emerging, reveals Mary-Louise Clews. Corporate teams are turning day-to-day company life into headlines and exploiting social media like never before.

Post-delivery directing pays off

Direct Mail

While the DMA couldn’t control how its pre-recorded comment was used in a Panorama programme about junk mail, it could influence how the story was picked up afterwards, says Jo Roberts.

Measurement: Making the grade


To be taken seriously at board level, the PR industry needs to work out how to measure the outcomes – not just the outputs – of its work. It’s easier said than done, say the experts, but some teams have succeeded.

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