It all looks abs fab for the Coke Zero heroes

First came lads mags and chick lit (and the Diary maintains it is possible to enjoy both) but now it seems a new rhyming soubriquet is upon us – “bloke Coke”.

This snappy new nickname has been born out of the most recent skirmishes in the cola wars, which have seen Coke Zero stride into town to take on Pepsi Max in the lucrative “low sugar cola drinks aimed at young men who are ‘street’ and ‘hip’ and a bit too cool for stuff with ‘diet’ written on it” category.

The gargantuan struggle between these two brands has led the media to dub Coke Zero “bloke Coke”.

Perhaps recognising that journalists are better marketers than The Real Thing (geddit?) the marketing team at Coke have doffed their caps to the press and trademarked the couplet, and may well use it in their future ad campaigns.

And according to a Coke spokesman the phrase “bloke Coke” is now so well established in the “popular vernacular” that “it has got to the stage where one of the questions of the day is, ‘do you drink diet Coke or Coke Zero?'” He even goes as far as to suggest that the new Coke for blokes is “the final piece in the Coca-Cola trilogy”.

The Diary is now looking forward to episodes one and two in the Coke Wars.


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