It may be a little rash, but…

Surely nappy manufacturers need to look at the issue from “the other end”, so to speak (MW July 4). The number of new-borns may be on the decrease, but life-expectancy rates keep on creeping up.

What about pensioner-pads for those embarrassing leaky moments when Terry Wogan catches you unawares and too much of a giggle leads to a dribble?

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FSA lambasts labelling of diabetic food

Marketing Week

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has condemned foods labelled as “diabetic” or “suitable for diabetics” as overpriced and of no real benefit for people with diabetes. The FSA says that this type of labelling should not appear on food products, as consumers see it is a stamp of approval and think that such food is […]

The marketer is a secretive beast

Marketing Week

Fans of fly-on-the-wall documentaries have probably been watching The Secret Life of the Office, the programme about telephone car rental agency Holiday Autos, which has been described as a real-life version of acclaimed BBC comedy The Office. As marketers yourselves, you may be asking: “Where’s the exposure for the marketing department, headed by Joanna Pyshorn?” […]


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