ITC raps Renault over its ‘ass shaking’ ads

The Independent Television Commission (ITC) has criticised Renault for showing an ad entitled “Shaking that ass” around programming popular with children

It has ordered that the ad for the Renault Mégane, created by Publicis, can only be shown after 7.30pm following 139 complaints. Eleven of the complaints said children were copying the actions or language of the ad, which features repeated bottom wiggling and the constant repetition of the phrase “shaking that ass”. The ad was a take on the Mégane’s unusually designed rear.

The execution was initially approved as long as it was not shown around programmes watched by children, but no specific time constraints were given.

The ITC also upheld 17 complaints against The Sun’s Alton Towers promotion, created by TBWA/London. It found the image of a man inhaling helium from a party balloon and speaking in a high-pitched voice was harmful as it could be imitated, particularly by children.

A campaign by AA Insurance, implying that a courtesy car of similar size and specification would be provided, was found to be misleading by the ITC after it received 15 complaints. It found that the text did not counter the impression given by the visuals which showed a variety of cars. The ad was created by Rapier.


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