It’ll be a game of backsides

What will you be doing next Wednesday? Trying to catch up on work after the Easter break, more than likely. Staying late to plough through the pile of paperwork that somehow accumulated on your desk, despite the office being closed over the long weekend.

That is unless you work in a media agency. In which case you’ll be ensconced at trendy London hang-out AKA, playing Pro Evolution Soccer 4 and getting drunk. That’s right, it’s time for the Future Agency Cup, the tournament run by Future Publishing.

Agencies including MindShare, Carat and Starcom MediaVest will be battling it out to wrest the crown from last year’s winner, Euston Digital. Actually, “battling it out” is perhaps too strong a phrase. Only agency types could come up with a sports tournament where the players don’t even have to get off their backsides.


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