It’s a case of double impact for Popstars

Publicists for Popstars, the Granada television programme charting the fortunes of hordes of pop-star wannabes, have done their best to make an impact in the streets of Soho, London.

Banners for the ITV series saying “Nigel [Lythgoe, LWT head of entertainment and chief talent spotter in the show], pick me” have been sent to all sundry. Some media types at Starcom Motive, which handles ITV’s media, even hung the poster outside the office window.

A Popstars-branded VW Polo has also been spotted trundling along the narrow streets with one of its occupants singing that great karaoke number “I Will Survive” through loud-speakers.

However the Polo was stopped in its tracks when a white van reversed into it. Undeterred, the Popstars stalwart used her megaphone to challenge the driver to apologise. With the typical aplomb of a white van man, he just drove off. But, the popstar wannabe had the last laugh, taking down the van’s number plate.


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