It’s a corny tale if ever you’ve heard one…

For some people their job is their life, they can’t escape it or perhaps they don’t want to. And, in fact, some people are so obsessed with work, they have very little time for anything else. These workaholics are often the butt of jokes, the victims of ridicule – mostly because they deserve it.

But what if your work is your favourite thing?

This is true in the case of one employee of a popcorn manufacturer. Adrian Precious, marketing controller at Monkhill Confectionery, producer of Butterkist, openly admits: “I am a man obsessed by popcorn.” Lucky him.

Or is this just a gimmick to get us to go and buy some Butterkist?

The Diary thinks not, but does wonder if there are any other marketers out there who are obsessed about their particular product. Mmm, we shall see.


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