It’s a digital analogy for columnists

Torin Douglas’ and Alan Mitchell’s columns (MW last week) make interesting reading, particularly when taken together. Digital TV will no doubt succeed – eventually – but it has already cost BSkyB, the ITV companies and the BBC, among others, millions of pounds, and caused severe headaches for Carlton, Granada and many Football League clubs. And this is with Government assistance for the technology – not least through the threat of the analogue switch-off, if it ever comes.

Digital TV is a classic example of what Alan Mitchell calls “push” marketing. The TV media, along with the Government and presumably the hardware manufacturers have had to put enormous effort into creating a demand where none existed. How much better if they had listened to your columnist and the consumers. Who knows what marvellous new (or improved old) technology we would now be lapping up?

Rod Petersen

RTS Brantic




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