It’s a stable life for the big names of IT sector

‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the office, there was nothing to do, except resort to the inane. Boredom, however, can only excuse so much.

Bracknell-based marketing data resource specialists Marketing Improvement must have had a particularly quiet pre-festive period to have had to resort to coming up with the idea of “revealing the most popular first name for IT managers across Europe.

The most popular moniker is John, for those of you that care, though the research also found a Batman, Buffie, Horse, Moo, Port and Yogi.

In a desperate attempt to justify this piece of research, Marketing Improvement tells us that among Europe’s IT managers there is, rather fittingly, one person named Star and three named King. However, the 202 Marys and 299 Josephs would have led to the stable being a little overcrowded.


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