It’s a wildlife in marketing

It’s the news marketers have been waiting for. According to research by Yahoo!, they are officially a foxy bunch – but not as foxy as human resources professionals and accountants.

The research investigated whether people in certain professions were more like foxes or hedgehogs – as defined by historian Isiah Berlin, not, as the Diary first assumed, Beatrix Potter The fox, according to legend, "knows a great many things" while the hedgehog knows "just one big thing".

Perhaps weirdly most of us consider ourselves to be hedgehogs, but a quarter of those working in advertising and media are foxes – well above the average.

Apparently there is a connection to which side of the brain we use to do our thinking, and most of us use the right side.

Unfortunately, the Diary often has trouble using either side of its brain, and usually ends up thinking with the wrong side rather than the right one and would classify itself as more Peter Rabbit than Mrs Tiggywinkle or the foxy Mr Tod.


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