It’s criminal what some people do

There’s always someone willing to cash in on other people’s misfortune. But as DPS Software is cashing in on Jeffrey Archer’s misfortune the Diary doesn’t mind.

A postcard with a picture of one of Her Majesty’s prisons arrived on the Diary’s desk. On the back was a letter from “Jeffrey”.

Addressing his lawyers, it says: “Had you spent more time on the details of my case and not on the paperwork, you and I might not have needed to spend so much time together.”

OK, so it’s not belly laughs, but what do you expect from a firm that sells criminal case management systems? The best criminal case management systems in the UK according to the company, although how much competition there is we neither know nor care.


Domestic innovation is out there

Marketing Week

As stated in the article “Brand new ideas or money for old rope?” (MW November 1) “Consumers are a lot more canny now and they do know what’s gimmicky and what’s not.” So, let’s allow them to be the ones who decide which brand extensions are really successful by giving them a choice in the […]

Brand director moves on after Virgin V Shops sale

Marketing Week

Virgin V Shop brand director Brian Waring is leaving his post at the end of this month following the sale of the company’s Our Price stores to Australian retailer Brazin. A spokesman for V Shop confirmed Waring was leaving his current role but would not say whether he was leaving the company, taking a different […]


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