It’s got their name written all over it

When life in the office gets dull, the Diary likes to amuse itself by compiling lists of PR and marketing people’s bizarre names – including marketers whose surnames bear close relation to their line of work.

Here are some of the Diary’s favourites: Andrew Coker, director of communications at Coca-Cola GB; Peter Baker of British Bakeries; Frank Gaget at Psion; Andrew Goodsell, managing director at Saga Services; Anne Fudge, executive vice president of Kraft Foods; Chris Lamb, consumer marketing manager at the Meat & Livestock Commission; Tim Darby, marketing manager of United Racecourses, who oversees The Derby; Mads Nipper, Lego’s head of Europe Central; and Peter Lagerblad, president of Swedish drinks company Vin & Sprit.

We understand there is also a Mrs Doubtfire at the BBC. But the clear winner? Ann Summers’ head of marketing, Rebecca Cox.


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