It’s here: your chance to be The Apprentice (and stay off the TV)

ApprenticeCome on, admit it, you’re missing The Apprentice aren’t you? You probably wouldn’t have minded a stab at it yourself. You could do much better than those idiots on the programme, except like an idiot is probably how you’d be made to look on TV too. But don’t worry, there is a way you can do it without the intrusive cameras and unflattering editing.

The Apprentice Corporate Team Challenge is a radical training scheme based on the BBC reality TV programme. For fans of the show the concept will be all too familiar – teams compete against each other with the worst performing one culled from the competition each week. However, with this there is a difference – one that benefits all taking part – before taking on a week’s task the teams will receive intensive training that will not only help them perform that week but also excel in their jobs on their return to work.

Team development specialist The TeamWorks will provide the training and claims that the immediate use of the newly acquired skills in the real-life situation will cement them in the minds of the delegates. Skills that will be honed include negotiation, sales and marketing. After the initial stages the three remaining teams will come together for a one-day final but the obvious incentive is that the better your team does the more training they receive.

The scheme starts at the end of October in London (regional versions are planned for next year). If you are interested in entering a team, there are still places available. Go to for more details on The TeamWorks’ training and how to enter.

Keep your eyes on The Diary to find out who has entered and for updates on how they’re getting on.


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