It’s not fair to compare Smash Hits and Vogue

Caroline Worboys commented in her letter that Smash Hits subscriptions accounted for only 1.3% of the ABC figure, whereas Vogue has a “20% subscription rate” (MW March 2).

This is like comparing apples with pears. Smash Hits had a pre-teen/early teen readership that did not have access to a credit card or direct debit and would be unable to afford a lump sum payment. In addition, they were likely to only be interested in the subject matter for a limited period of time. Vogue has an affluent older readership, which tend to have a sustained interest in fashion.

The music division of EMAP includes Mojo magazine, which has more than 20% subscribers. Contrary to the views expressed in the letter, we take customer loyalty and subscription marketing very seriously. However, it is important to focus on this with the right demographics as otherwise you would only be wasting time and money.

We will continue looking into exciting new opportunities for innovative uses of data and subscriptions marketing to ensure that we remain at the forefront of direct marketing.

Ben Holland Direct marketing manager EMAP London W1


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