Its not fair to judge Christians

I was naturally pleased that you covered the Marketing Society’s July evening event (“Sex Sells?”) in your diary column (MW July 26).

For the benefit of your diarist, I thought both presentations (Club 18-30 and Wonderbra) were excellent and proved that you can create effective advertising on small budgets if you are prepared to think outside the box (pun intended!). Even the much criticised 18-30 campaign has been modified to cause less offence to the general public and comply with the ASA’s ruling.

However, I was a little concerned about the sentiment behind the article. Most Christians (or at least the ones with whom I associate) are neither prudish nor censorious, and are unlikely to be Mary Whitehouse acolytes.

I think many non-Christians have erroneous views about what Christians are like. In my experience most Christians are well aware of their own failings and do not assume that they are any better or worse than the rest of society.

As an illustration, take a look at some of the work Christians in Media has done recently for the Christian Enquiry Agency.

Francis Goodwin

Maiden Outdoor and

Christians in Media

Newman Street

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