It’s the job title trend of the future

When it comes to job titles, many people seem to revel in the modern penchant for grandiose handles.

Take your traditional dustman. He’s now probably a refuse operations facilitator, while shelf stackers are anointed as ambient replenishment assistants.

The marketing industry, home to so many resplendent egos, is a hotbed of such titular nonsense, but let’s not dwell on the absurd names some agencies give themselves and move on to the titles of the staff therein.

Perhaps the finest the Diary has come across has been bestowed upon a member of staff at experimental agency TomTom Nations, which appears to have hired a short-range Time Lord.

For TomTom employee Stephen Chandler rejoices in the title "Director of Next Month", which – in the Diary’s opinion is as grand and covetable a job description as there can be.

Presumably, Stephen is a big of a regular down at his local turf accountant and the Diary would be keen to know if he has any tips for the next few weeks’.

Of course, the Diary would also be keen to hear of  any other fabulous job titles knocking around in the corridors of adland.    


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