It’s time to reap the reward of your data-driven achievements

Every marketer must by now acknowledge the value of data and how mining the myriad new digital customer touchpoints for insight can help deliver a vital competitive edge to a business. The “data is the new oil” mantra must surely have seeped into the bedrock of strategic thinking and no longer need repetition.

Branwell Johnson

However, while every marketer may pay lip service to the idea, it is the forward-looking, agile and hands-on marketers who are really shoving a data-driven rocket under their campaigns.

And it’s those marketers and their teams we are very much looking forward to seeing entries from for the Data Strategy Awards 2014. The categories have been overhauled and redefined and the awards website is now open for entries at

I like to think that the first marketing revolution derived from the recognition of data’s value is now complete – that is to say the infrastructure, such as the single customer view database, will have been built and internal restructuring to closely align if not fully integrate the data teams with the brand and CRM teams accomplished.

Leading brands that have already invested heavily in creating the right teams and tools include AB InBev which said earlier this year that it would grow its analytics offering to help develop new products.

Now it is time to hear what has been accomplished with all this marketing insight firepower. I’m sure that there must be a host of great stories marketers can tell spanning the entry period from 10 October 2012 to 15 October this year.

Learn all about the new categories and entry criteria at and don’t forget the evening awards ceremony itself on 6 February 2014. It’ll be a fantastic night at Lancaster London Hotel that you should circle on next year’s calendar now.

We are also on the hunt for a Data Professional of the Year and welcome your nominations. The worthy recipient will be a client-side data marketing champion – you can find details on the previously mentioned website of how to nominate yourself or a colleague. The nomination form requires three reasons why the person deserves the Data Professional title so do give a full explanation.

Marketers don’t be reticent; your successful work with data insight deserves to be acknowledged by your peers and your bosses. Take a look at those categories and start assembling your case study pronto.


Lara O'Reilly

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Lara O'Reilly

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