It’s time to take note of the granny market

I refer to the article about the Post Office’s attempts to move into new product areas (MW February 16) and heartily endorse the comment that the Post Office is a “‘grannies brand” but it could use that to its advantage by launching an MVNO for older people”.

I am 62 years of age – in the “granny” cohort – still working and a big-spending consumer. And there are plenty more “grannies” like me.

This market has been overlooked for far too long. Manufacturers believe that anyone over 65 does not buy clothes, biscuits, chocolates, cars, make telephone calls, drink, or go to cinemas or theatres. Funny,

because every time I walk down my local high street, the only people I see going in and out of shops and spending money are the older age group.

When are you manufacturers, advertisers and marketers going to wake up and realise that you are missing an economic opportunity by ignoring us older, richer and wiser “grannies”?

Janet Weitz

Chairman and chief executive officer

FDS International

London N19


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