iTV advertising is right on target

I agree with David Forster’s article that traditional TV advertising is under threat, as the use of PVRs becomes more widespread, allowing viewers to time-shift their viewing should they wish to avoid watching the ads (The PVR picture isn’t so bleak, MW July 14).

Undoubtedly, this will affect the advertising industry but sophisticated developments in interactive TV technology have also paved the way for channel owners to produce more creative ads and reach audiences in a new way.

About 90 per cent of the digital cable TV audience use the Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) and interactive services portal, providing a platform for channel owners to promote programmes and services. This is an area where people are looking to be entertained and, as such, are likely to interact and take notice of ads.

This is good news for channel owners as it creates the opportunity to better target audiences by using the EPG to offer additional interactive services such as games, competitions and free merchandise, enabling them to strengthen brand loyalty and drive viewers to their programmes.

The introduction of PVRs and iTV

will not have the damaging effect that many industry experts predicted, but will force the industry to be more innovative and take a more targeted approach to advertising.

David Ratcliffe

Sales development director of DTV

24/7 Real Media

London W1H


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