ITV denies plot to move Premiership

ITV has denied that it is actively considering moving The Premiership away from its 7pm Saturday slot on ITV, despite strong indications to the contrary from industry insiders close to the situation.

There had been talk at the end of last week that the Coca-Cola-sponsored show would be re-rescheduled out of the 7pm slot following last Saturday.

But insiders claim that because The Premiership performed well at 7pm last Saturday, recording 4.9 million viewers with a peak of 5.5 million, it has been given a short reprieve. They claim that ITV is still considering re-scheduling the show and that the 7pm slot is not safe.

A spokeswoman for ITV says that ITV is not re-scheduling The Premiership away from its 7pm slot.

Coca-Cola has admitted that it has negotiated a two-tier sponsorship deal, which would allow for re-scheduling of the show.

ITV’s prime-time rating has dropped below the key 30 per cent mark over a seven-day period for the first time and this is likely to put pressure on advertising revenue.


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