ITV promotions get chorus of approval


Agencies have welcomed a flurry of promotions from ITV sales houses, acknowledging them as a sign of good health following the launch this week of initiatives from TSMS and Laser Sales.

TSMS is launching ITV’s first thermal package (where ads run only if temperatures are high enough) in five years. Laser is joining forces with computer chip company Intel to attract PC manufacturers onto the medium.

“The sales houses are having to sell themselves for once,” says Mediastar broadcast director Russell Boyman. “This competition is a sign of health.”

TSMS has targeted 130 summer-season advertisers with a package based around three daily ITV weather forecasts which run only if the temperature exceeds 20 degrees Centigrade.

TSMS head of marketing Clare Durward says the initiative is aimed at new and lapsed advertisers. “We need to give them a reason to buy into TV again,” she says. TSMS also plans to extend the package to cold-weather advertisers.

Meanwhile, Laser is negotiating to join Intel in its initiative to subsidise PC manufacturers who advertise on TV and display the Intel logo.