ITV to create customer data strategy for online

ITV is increasing its focus on data insight in a bid to enhance its online and on-demand offerings.


The broadcaster is looking to develop a customer data strategy to analyse information such as the 3 million e-mail addresses it has collected from people who view ITV’s content online. It will use it to inform ITV Player and’s future development.

ITV says it believes the “ownership and utilisation” of customer data will be a source of “competitive advantage” in the future.

Fru Hazlitt, managing director of commercial and online, admitted last month that ITV Player had been “behind the curve” in comparison with the BBC’s iPlayer but that the broadcaster now has a renewed focus on multi-platform.

ITV’s managing director of online and on demand Robin Pembrooke is set to build out his business planning team in order to develop the new strategy.

It will include the introduction of a “data champion” across online and the wider organisation, to help drive what the broadcaster dubs a “significant cultural change” within the business to focus more on research and analytics.

ITV Player attracted 1 billion impressions in 2010, up 60% year on year, according to Hazlitt.

The on-demand player recently launched a new ad format that allows users to skip ads if they correctly answer questions on the brand or product in the spot.



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