ITV to warn car firms on inflation

ITV is to hold a second forum with car advertisers in September to discuss their concerns about TV airtime inflation .

Car advertisers are likely to be told that they must move their airtime out of the overcrowded period after News at Ten and buy against other audiences such as women, instead of just ABC1 men.

“Although women are featured in the creative treatment, for most media-buying strategies, you would not know that women were considered as potential car buyers,” says Carlton UK Sales managing director Martin Bowley.

He says growing car advertiser demand is causing inflation increases. “Expenditure by car advertisers has risen from 98m in 1992 to 174m in 1994. Between January and May this year TV expenditure has topped 102m.”

Bowley also argues that car advertisers are ignoring the fact that ITV’s prices have fallen every year for the past four years. “The prices in 1995 across ITV have been cheaper each month than the relative months five years ago,” he adds.


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