ITV urged to use US-style pre-credit ads

British TV viewers could see US-style commercial breaks intruding into programmes just before the closing credits roll if media groups get their way.

Amco, the association of media companies, says programmes like Coronation Street and The Bill could increase the audience for commercial breaks by adopting pre-credit ads instead of end breaks.

Amco believes about 9 million Coronation Street viewers out of a total 17 million audience turn over when the show ends at 7.57pm – and before the two-minute ad break begins. Amco wants a break from 7.54pm to 7.56pm and then four more minutes of the programme to keep viewers tuned. After the programme finishes Amco suggests there should be an ITV programme promotion between the soap and the following show.

Amco agency IDK Media has written to ITV Network Centre director Marcus Plantin suggesting the move. But the Network Centre believes the onus for change lies with sales houses and broadcasters.

“We shouldn’t reject it out of hand,” says Philip France, managing director of Laser Sales. “But programme makers and viewers might find it too intrusive.”


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