New TV execution for DaimlerChrysler

Marketing Week

Springer & Jacoby has created a new TV execution for DaimlerChrysler’s corporate campaign. The ad will focus on techNological innovations in the future and will have the strapline ‘Answers for the questions to come’.

Not working? Try networking

Marketing Week

Online recruitment is finding favour among both employers and jobseekers, and site providers are introducing new features to consolidate their growth It is a widely accepted fact that the dot-com bubble which saw such impressive growth in the online market in the period to 2000 has well and truly burst. Since then, numerous internet and […]

Wanted: white (goods) knight

Marketing Week

Caroline Parry is right to highlight the poor brand-building performance of white goods manufacturers (MW April 3). However, in a category populated by 71 brands and marques, where a healthy sector share is often a single-digit percentage, I would argue that brand focus is a necessity. If it is not achieved, retailers will retain the […]


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