Jack of all trades or master of one?

I’m rather surprised at some of the views expressed in your recent special report on public relations (MW April 21), concerning the value of specialist agencies.

Blue Rubicon’s Fraser Hardie contends that possessing specialist PR knowledge may act as “a constraint on achievement” and result in a formulaic approach to campaigns. I would contend that, far from being formulaic, a specialist PR agency can offer a service that is original, informed and results-focused.

In fact, by employing a specialist PR agency a company benefits in two key areas. The first is knowledge: specialists have an in-depth understanding of the issues related to the sector the client works in, and it is this knowledge of the issues that allows the agency to devise highly strategic and creative campaigns.

Secondly, specialists have extensive, warm contacts with journalists who cover their industry and their clients’ target markets – and journalists are far more receptive to those they trust and have established contacts with.

Overall, it is the insight that specialists provide that really adds value to a PR campaign, allowing the quick and effective implementation of highly tar

geted, strategic campaigns that get results – and exceed clients’ expectations.

Ian Roberts

Joint managing director

Z’est Public Relations

London W1


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