Jagermeister launches first TV campaign to introduce ‘emotional core’

Jagermeister is launching its first TV advertising campaign in the UK as it shifts from promoting the functional elements of the brand to the emotional aspects of drinking it with friends.


The eight-week campaign breaks during England’s friendly against Denmark on ITV1 next week (5 March) with the “Journey to Surf” ad promoting the drink as an ice-cold shot to be savoured.

It follows a group of real professional surfers, who are also friends, as they travel through hazardous rain and snow conditions to surf together. The creative ends with a shot of the friends drinking a Jager shot, an image the brand hopes will conjure up the emotional core missing from its previous marketing activity.  

Jagermeister has focused the bulk of its efforts on pushing the functional message of how the drink is best served after admitting awareness of other serves beyond the Jagerbomb had been limited.

Nicole Goodwin, group marketing manager for Jagermeister UK, told Marketing Week the strategy is starting to gain traction in terms of sales and perception but admits it is a “few years away” from breaking free from its Jager Bomb ties entirely. Value sales for Jagermeister in the UK rose 18.9 per cent last year according to CGA data with the brand now worth £289m.

The Red Brick Road-created ad campaign is supported by digital, print and outdoor activity that will be phased in over the next 12 months. Jagermeister is not a big media spender opting to rely on experiential and out-of-home promotions to boost awareness.

It is teasing fans ahead of next week’s campaign through behind-the-scenes content posted on Vice from tomorrow (25 February). Content will cover how the ad and soundtrack were created to reach those the brand says are the “early adopters and creative Jagermeister fans”.