Jaguar shuns clichés to target women

Jaguar has partnered with British Airways to launch a direct mail campaign targeting women in an “intelligent” way.


The campaign is part of a wider strategy at owner Jaguar Land Rover to move away from the automotive industry’s traditionally male focused communications.

Jaguar is targeting 11,000 women between 35 and 60 who earn in excess of £75,000 a year with a DM pack that offers the chance to win a first class trip with BA for every test drive of the Jaguar XK.

Adam Henderson, dealer marketing manager at Jaguar, says: “[The male bias] is notoriously a hurdle and habits are hard to break but we’re trying to change the mindset that it’s husbands making decisions.”

“We’ve woken up to the fact that there is a huge audience of powerful, wealthy women that want to be treated respectfully. We don’t want to forget our predominantly male audience, but design and luxury are our selling points and there area a lot of wealthy, powerful, empowered women that appeals to.”

Jaguar hopes to communicate the message that the brand is part of a very glamorous, not chauvinistic world.

“We don’t want to assume women are the wife of the person buying the car and we didn’t want to be clichéd or pink about it. We want to target women in an intelligent way,” he adds.

The campaign has been created by local targeting agency EMO.



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