Jajah rings the changes with low-cost international calls

Jajah, a company that specialists in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), is launching a service it claims will slash the cost of international mobile phone calls.

The outift, which launched a VoIP service in the US earlier this year, says a ten-minute call from London to New York will cost 1.10 using the Jajah Mobile Suite, compared to 12.90 with Vodafone, 1.50 with Orange, 7.00 with T-Mobile and 9.90 with O2.

Fernando Elizalde, a senior industry analyst at researcher Frost and Sullivan, says: “Jajah’s solution could change the long-distance mobility market significantly. Bringing internet calls to mobile phones so simply and cheaply gives consumers enormous choice and savings.”

The Jajah Mobile Suite can be downloaded from the internet or via SMS. It operates on any mobile phone, regardless of its manufacturer or location.

Jajah launched what it claimed was the first low-cost, phone-to-phone VoIP service that requires no broadband connection, software or headsets in March. Callers type in their own number, from either a landline or mobile phone, at Jajah’s website and then enter the number they want to call. Jajah then calls both parties on their phones.

The service comes as the European Commission increases pressure on phone operators to reduce roaming charges abroad.


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