Jamie Oliver hounded by Chef fans

You have to feel sorry for the editor of publications for the Periodical Publishers’ Association – Jamie Oliver.

Not-The-Naked-Chef Oliver has had enough of being mistaken for the Essex celebrity cook. Fans of the chef have been hounding the PPA man with declarations of undying love via e-mail from as far afield as Holland.

One enthusiast was dared by her husband to ask where Jamie got the green Parker-style jacket worn in the Sainsbury’s ad where he makes a tart for his nan. The fan e-mailed: “I would really appreciate it if you or one of your people could please drop me a line to let me know.”

Ringing up ad agencies as part of his job has also become tiresome for our man, constantly met with the question: “Not The Naked Chef?”.

But most degrading of all was arriving at the dentist, only to be met by a receptionist who tutted, turned to her colleague and said, in a disappointed tone: “It’s not the Naked Chef”.


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