Jamie Oliver jumps ship to Young’s

Jamie Oliver is teaming up with Young’s Seafood to launch his first range of branded frozen seafood, less than a month after ending his 11-year partnership with Sainsbury’s.


The Jamie Oliver by Young’s range will include 12 seafood products all sourced from sustainable alternatives to cod and haddock such as pollock and whiting.

It also features MSC-certified pollock fish fingers, and a range of fishcakes and fish pies.

The range will be available in supermarkets from September.

Sustainable fish sourcing has become a big issue for retailers and Oliver previously supported Sainsbury’s Switch the Fish campaign which encourages customers to swap their normal purchases of cod and salmon for alternatives such as coley or pouting. M&S launched its Forever Fish campaign in June to support its sustainable fishing policy.

Natasha Gladman, Marketing Director at Young’s Seafood Limited, says, “We’ve long been committed to sustainable fishing as the industry leader. It was a natural meeting of minds working with Jamie on his range, and we’re delighted with the results. We’ve really been driven by our shared passion for fish stocks for the future and improving the nation’s diet.”

Young’s partnered with Kingsmill earlier this ear to launch a co-branded breaded fish range.

It also overhauled its corporate structure in February bringing together Young’s Seafood, Findus UK and The Seafood Company under one business. Gladman was named as the chief marketer.



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